Website Verification

Website Verification is not a necessary step nor does it directly affect the functioning of your site. It does, however, allow you to gain insight on how people are finding your site, what are they searching, what page they find most often, and other stats that allow you to understand how your website or blog is being indexed. To verify your site follow the directions below:

  1. From the Dashboard go to the tab labeled “Tools” and select “Available Tools verify1
  2. Follow the link for the verification you would like to complete: Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Center, Pinterest Site Verification, Twitter Website and Yandex.Webmaster.
  3. Find the website field, if it is not immediately apparent, type in your website, and press verifyverify3
  4. You will be given an HTML tag,copy this and paste it into the corresponding field back on your website verify2
  5. At the bottom of your website page select “Save Changes”.
  6. Finally go back to the site you copied the code from and select verify