Deleting Your Site

WARNING: Following the steps in this tutorial will result in your site being permanently deleted.

  1. Start at the dashboard.
  2. Go to the “Tools” tab on the left menu and select “Delete Site.”delete1
  3. Select the reason you wish to delete, depending on your answer wordpress may direct you to links that may help you accomplish your goal without actually deleting your site. If you wish to start fresh but keep your domain name, upgrade, change your domain name, or if you just need help creating what you envision, then keep your site and use the necessary link provided.
  4. It is recommended that you export your site prior to deleting it. This can be useful if you are transferring your site to another web hosting site or if you want a back-up of your site just in case you find you needed something off of your website.
  5. Select “Delete Now”, and then select the same option in the next pop-up window.
  6. Finally if you would still like to permanently delete your site select go to the email you registered with and click the link that was sent to you from WordPress.