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qberr001 wrote: Final Blog Post: Thinsat
What was your contribution to your project this semester? To support this, provide an explanation AND links to 2-3 blog posts or provide up to three pieces of evidence (e.g., drawings, equations, etc.) that explain your contribution. Most of my w (More)
My contribution to the project consisted mainly of working on the curriculum we presented to Lindenwood Elementary for a summer school program for the kids, that would teach them about ThinSats and small satellites. I helped plan the activities for (More)
“Souls-like” games and “get good” culture are unfortunately synonymous in the gaming community. And the result? Shotty journalism and gatekeeping communities that divide gamers between “elitist” and “casuals.” With video games and es (More)
qberr001 wrote: Blog Post 3: Thinsat
Summarize the work that you have completed this week, do not summarize the work of the entire group (a picture and hours worked since your last post are still required Last week I read through the standards of learning for 4th and 5th graders to (More)
kcree001 wrote: Blog Post 3, Thinsat
This past week, I have been spending my time allocated for the project working on the curriculum for the elementary students. We are planning a few activities for the students to do with their teacher to exemplify the engineering design process and (More)
pclar001 wrote: BP5
It has been three weeks since BP4. I've put in nearly 18 hours of work on the project since that time, but it has overwhelmingly been in the form of writing and editing for assignment deadlines and a few team meetings. I have gotten to create a (More)
Since the last blog post tracking progress, our group has been assigned specific design tasks for the robotic gripper. I have been tasked with design the overall geometry of the forceps design. I have spent about 4-5 hours researching different forc (More)