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The old saying that it’s not about what you know, but who you know is now truer than ever before.   Who you are connected to, and the impact of your digital identity can make the difference between employment and unemployment.  [ (More)
A sudden switch to the virtual world where meetings, socialization and exercises are all online can leave you, and the participants you’re interacting with, feeling the effects of virtual fatigue. It is important for each of us to find some (More)
In our current times of uncertainty and the unknown, one truth that we can be certain of is that we, as humans, were built to move. We were built to walk on two feet, built to run fast, and built to play hard. Unfortunately, in the midst of the coro (More)
For those currently teleworking, perhaps for the first time in their professional lives, there was little time to prepare for the cultural reset that would occur in the transition. Leaders work tirelessly to create a functional workplace culture. Bu (More)
Unforeseen events can lead to financial uncertainty and unease. The pandemic that struck in 2020 is one such event that has led to teleworking, perhaps less work, and, ultimately, diminished or absent paychecks. Our partners at Langley Federal Credi (More)