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jwang018 wrote: Journal Entry #6
1. How do engineers make cyber networks safer? 2. What is the overlap between criminal justice and cybercrime? How does this overlap relate to the other disciplines discussed in this class? Engineers are the key components to a safer and (More)
jwang018 wrote: Journal Entry #5
1.  How can you tell if your computer is safe? 2. Describe three ways that computers have made the world safer and less safe. There are many ways to tell if your computer is safe. Usually, it can be shown that your computer is p (More)
jwang018 wrote: Journal Entry #4
What are the costs and benefits of developing cybersecurity programs in business? Businesses can lose millions of dollars as a result of cyber-attacks and data breaches, depending on how serious the attack is. An organization's cost of a data bre (More)
jwang018 wrote: Journal Entry #3
How has cyber technology created opportunities for workplace deviance? In the modern-day world of technology, if not everything, a majority of information and articles are stored digitally. Digital storage may range from personal documentation/in (More)
jwang018 wrote: Entry #2, Week 2
1. Describe four ethical issues that arise when storing electronic information about individuals. 2. Compare cybersecurity risks in the U.S. and another country. When it comes to storing electronic information about individuals, four major eth (More)
jwang018 wrote: Journal Entry #1
Why are you interested in cybersecurity technology?Select four other majors offered by ODU and explain how those majors relate to cybersecurity.  I am interested in cybersecurity technology because of its wonders and its reverse reality. Ano (More)