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jhint003 wrote: What’s next for you?
I do not think I would want to go into entrepreneurship within cybersecurity. Although I do love the field I do not think I would like to develop and innovate for cybersecurity. If I were to go into entrepreneurship I would do something that is fun (More)
Although I did find the course interesting it is very intensive for one month, I feel as though I have learned a lot and not enough at the same time. I feel like being able to develop a business plan would be fun for the course so that I could have (More)
I feel like entrepreneurship has taught me that I should not wait until the last minute. When you have an idea you should start working on it right away because there is always someone across the world who has the same innovation in mind and it’s (More)
Entrepreneurship has been a fun experience. I think everyone should take the time and step into the experience even if it’s not something that is long-term. Entrepreneurship teaches real-life skills such as critical thinking, budgeting, and taxes, (More)
Cloud Security AllianceCloud Security Alliance is a non-profit that provides and promotes Cloud Security. They also educate people on what Cloud Security is and help secure other forms of computing.Center for Internet SecurityCenter for Internet Sec (More)