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Strength in pitching is having the necessary information. I tend to do a lot of research on a topic before I decide if I want to do it or present it to someone. One of my weaknesses in pitching is communicating. I have a hard time talking to a group (More)
I can pitch ideas better by gathering all financial projections and targeted markets. The biggest problem when pitching an idea is whether there is a market for the idea that is being pitched. Watching the shark tank duds I can see a lot of the time (More)
The types of marketing that way my decision is savings. When I see a deal I have to check it out. Like my last example when Apple offered a discount. ASOS the online retail store offers 10% off to students. I don’t buy clothes often, but when I do (More)
Psychology plays a big role in how marketing is perceived. Generally, people buy products because of their views. When marketing the marketing team must make a customer or the targeted audience believe that they need the product and why it would be (More)
Reasons entrepreneurs get in trouble is trademarks and copyright. Even small businesses must abide by the laws although the market is not big not many realize that if a product has been trademarked or copyright laws are in place, they cannot sell th (More)