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jhint003 wrote: What is design thinking?
Design thinking is a process that is supposed to help a person create better solutions no matter the problem. Design thinking focuses on the needs of the user. Creating options provides different possible solutions to a problem. The design process a (More)
Design thinking has influenced the product I used every day by making them easier and more comfortable to use. I use a hairbrush every day and before I switch to the hairbrush that provided a better design it took longer to brush my hair. The new ha (More)
Yes, successful ventures can be unethical. There are many successful businesses today that are running that have unethical business practices. The success of these businesses generally occurs because of ignorant customers who do not do research on t (More)
I have missed an opportunity. The opportunity that I feel like I have missed is a candle business opportunity. At the time I had the idea I did not think it would work, but everyone around me thought it would be a great idea. I failed to pursue the (More)
Opportunities and planning work together when doing business. First entrepreneurs should find opportunities for their idea. Then they should plan how they want to execute their idea and how it should stay afloat. A successful panning process will pr (More)