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yhubb001 wrote: Week 6 Research Report
Media convergence shares in the evolution and technological advances and progression of a once singular discourse, and how it evolved to merge and expand with another technology. For this assignment, I used Google scholar to explore a variation of m (More)
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k1ag1wr-13XbmQZvGrZN_xww_92_ve0m/view Digital Composition Presentation Talking pointsPeople can get lost in the technology, I think of virtual reality and how the Self is transferred. Sometimes, unknowingly, users (More)
yhubb001 wrote: Week 6 Reflection
The genre I chose is media convergence. Media convergence is the discussion of how audiences watch television with their smart phones, laptops or pads. I discuss how audiences from all over the world, from many demographics, backgrounds and any soci (More)
yhubb001 wrote: Week 5 Reading Blog
When the World Wide Web was ushered in it completely altered not only the kind of information we had access to but how we took it in and used it. The moment citizens were able to “exercise control” on either a private or social platform, it fore (More)