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With the delivery of the three point loading fixture we scheduled our training for the MTS machine. At Friday, we sat with a graduate student to discuss how the MTS machine exactly works. The configurations are done in the program, Test Works. We lea (More)
This week, the cutting of our material began. Glass Fiber mixed with epoxy from MBI. The material is a bit sticky, and smells quite strong. Our group began to cut the material at the solids lab, which we cut into one inch strips and was cut further i (More)
For this week's meeting our adviser finally acquired some materials from MBI. Specifically, the material was glass fibers that was held together by epoxy. This black sheet will be used to cut into platelets and assemble into a sandwich structure to b (More)
As usual, our project required research on the topic. This time about shear lag theory. This wasn't discussed too much in our meeting however. The meeting went pretty quickly because our adviser had another meeting to attend to. A bit of good news ca (More)