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wpegr001 wrote: ThinSat Blog 12
I have been spread thin thin week between the final project, final paper, and coursework for other classes. As I mentioned last week, I've started writing the code I will use to analyze the thermoelectric data readings. I'm currently working in Matla (More)
wpegr001 wrote: ThinSat Blog 6
After the revelations of last week, I decided to focus only on thermoelectric power generation this week. The idea is that if we can prove these modules can produce a relatively stable voltage with a changing boundary layer, we could circumvent the p (More)
rgonz001 wrote: Blog #6
For this past week, the main thing I did was a general study electrical components. The reason for that study was to familiarize myself more with everything that is on the circuit board. When I told my sub-team leader Will about how I learned about t (More)
wpegr001 wrote: Thinsat Blog 5
This past week was frustrating for our team. On Friday I learned that our half of the thinsat was limited by data and power constraints. Only 19 packets can be sent per hour, and only within a 10 minute window. The rest of the time our module will be (More)