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twalt013 wrote: ThinSat Final Blog
What was your contribution to your project this semester? (links to 3 blog posts or 3 pieces of evidence). -- Started boundary condition testing and initial experiment set up, determined the parameters that will be used to evaluate the best insulati (More)
awils012 wrote: ThinSatV Final Blog Post
1. What was your contribution to your project this semester? My contribution to the ThinSat senior project this summer was that I was tasked with the outreach sub-group which allowed me to experiment with FlatSat data collection and developing ac (More)
awils012 wrote: Blog 10 - ThinsatV
This past week I spent time recreating the FlatSat experiments that will be included in the weekly activities for the after school outreach program in the Fall. I was able to correct the issues I was having with the data collected from the Flatsat n (More)
awils012 wrote: ThinSat Blog 7
In this past week, I worked with the thermal insulation subgroup to set up and conduct the first stage of testing for the insulation materials. It was decided to conduct the same experiments on materials that the previous ThinSat group tested prior (More)
twalt013 wrote: ThinSat Blog 6
This past week, there wasn't too much that was accomplished in my subgroup. I had a few priorities outside of this project that took up most of my time. I did mention in my last post that I wanted to try and decide what parameters will be used to de (More)
awils012 wrote: ThinSat - Week 5 Blog
Within this past week, I have continued to collect experimental data regarding the UV/UB light exposure and the difference of wearing sunglasses can help to protect an individual from that exposure. I currently have been collecting the data manually (More)