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MAE 434W Group Project Final Blog Post SAE BAJA Dustin McCarty   Re-read all of your blog posts and their comments for MAE 434W.  Address the following questions in your final blog post.  Note that this assignment asks for links to (More)
rgray025 wrote: Blog Post #8
Hello valued reader, it has been a busy week as usual for the lightweight hydrogen fuel cell team. The team met after class on Monday to discuss how we should proceed with the project. The sub teams inquired as to whether it would be feasible to m (More)
anola007 wrote: Thin Sat Blog 6
This week in ThinSat news: The ThinSat group has finally narrowed down the experiment for low earth orbit deployment. The group will be buying a Wheatstone bridge to install into the ThinSat and recording the data to evaluate the forces acting (More)
nvers002 wrote: Blog Post 5
This week our group met with our advisor to discuss the budget for our project. There was some confusion as to where our budget will be coming from so our group leader is working with the Baja Club president to hash all of that out. We also met to di (More)
This week our project goals were to complete our individual introduction and revise our project scope. After meeting with Dr. Ringleb we learned our project scope was not up to standard with what she believed Dr. Hao was expecting. We have had so (More)
This week in the SAE Aero East team, members were given certain parts of the plane to begin designing and modeling in inventor. I am supposed to design the airfoil panels for the plane. Our wingspan is most likely to be around 6 feet with each panel (More)
anola007 wrote: Thin Sat Blog 4
This week we began the recovery process after our project was completely derailed. We created a rough project scope: 2 Tasks - 1 team for designing and testing the Thin Sat experiment and 1 team for designing and testing the locking mechanism fo (More)
kcent002 wrote: Blog Post #3
This week we me with our Advisor, Dr. Zhang, to go over the safety and lab requirements we would need to build our PEM hydrogen fuel cell. It was really cool getting a hands-on view of a working hydrogen fuel cell and the equipment we will be using t (More)
jgris001 wrote: Blog Post 3
This week our group met and decided how we would divvy up our two deliverables. We came to the conclusion that the group working on the CVT would be split up into two subgroups. The gearbox will remain one group. We also determined that more research (More)
This week, I really wanted us to buckle down on our project scope and how to organize it. Based on our conversation from the meeting last week, I made a draft work breakdown structure to go over during our meeting this week. I also read several journ (More)
rgray025 wrote: Blog Post #3
Hello valued reader, the Lightweight Hydrogen Fuel Cell team has had an interesting week. Before going into that section of my blog post however, allow me to answer some questions. What is challenging to you and/or your group about developing t (More)