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ccraf001 wrote: Blog 7: ThinSat
Blog 7: ThinSat   This week for ThinSat I worked primarily on the development of plans for the drop test from BAL. Part of this work was developing the locking mechanism for the drop test from BAL. Since we ware not testing the actual phys (More)
ccraf001 wrote: ThinSat week 6
This week for ThinSat I worked on developing ways to monitor the ThinsSat model’s flight when we drop it from a high place, most likely the roof of BAL. I also went to downtown Norfolk to try to find a tall building with a large open stair case to (More)
ccraf001 wrote: Thinsat Blog 3
With the assignment of sub teams this week, I was able to narrow down my focus into the assigned sub team. The group that I was assigned to is the Aero group, it will be my shared responsibility with two other students to make the The Thinsat fly in (More)