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What was your contribution to your project this semester?  To support this, provide and explanation AND links to 2-3 blog posts or provide up to three pieces of evidence (e.g., drawings, equations, etc.) that explain your contribution.  (More)
One of my contributions to the project this semester was the proposal to receive funding from the BCET Undergraduate Education Committee.  For this, I prepared the PowerPoint presentation and the summary document for submission.  I also ga (More)
Since the last post, we have started further design development of the robotic gripper. I personally conducted design of the forceps which ultimately determines the distance that the forceps need to be actuated. This is critical because it came out (More)
Since the last blog post tracking progress, our group has been assigned specific design tasks for the robotic gripper. I have been tasked with design the overall geometry of the forceps design. I have spent about 4-5 hours researching different forc (More)