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salxy001 wrote: Blog Post #10 SAE BAJA
This past week a lot was going with our senior project. We had a meeting with the Baja team on Tuesday, where they discussed what's been accomplished so far. The car frame is being shipped to us and there are some materials we're getting from metal s (More)
anola007 wrote: Thin Sat Blog 9
This week in ThinSat News: The ThinSat team worked very very hard on created a Budget Proposal paper to submit to the Board of Funding from the Batton College on Engineering. The paper consisted of a description of the project, outcomes, budge (More)
mlanc001 wrote: Thin Sat Week Nine
Matthew Lancaster - Thin Sat The drag estimates I came up with seem fairly reasonable, which means the plan of using strain gauges to measure the drag is looking questionable. I've been reading through literature to try to find a different solutio (More)
rhaup002 wrote: Blog 8
This week our group briefly met with our faculty advisor to talk about the upcoming budget proposal. Our team has split up into three different subgroups, each with their own proposed bipolar plate that needs priced. Our team has proposed a composite (More)
anola007 wrote: Thin Sat Blog 6
This week in ThinSat news: The ThinSat group has finally narrowed down the experiment for low earth orbit deployment. The group will be buying a Wheatstone bridge to install into the ThinSat and recording the data to evaluate the forces acting (More)
This week we met with our advisors to propose our three material ideas for our bipolar plate. The three subgroups decided on aluminum foam, expanded graphite composite with phenolic resin, and a carbon black epoxy composite. Now our focus is on figur (More)
rgray025 wrote: Blog Post #6
Hello valued reader, with project deadlines fast approaching the lightweight hydrogen fuel cell team has been kept very busy this past week. On Monday, the team met to finalize the materials that were going to be proposed to our advisers on Tuesda (More)
rhaup002 wrote: Blog Post 5
This week our group has been successful in narrowing down our research list for materials we can use for bipolar plates.  The biggest hurdle has been trying to find materials that are both lightweight and electrically conductive; these two material (More)
twatj001 wrote: Tactile Sensor Post
This week we were able to sit down with Dr Ringleb. Dr Hao may be back this week but we dont know yet. The project itself will require a lot of programming wiwth COMSOL and we are all moving forward with picking up our skills practicing it. Our resea (More)
James Jobe wrote: Blog Post 5
This week I continued to do research on the viscosity issue to prepare myself to write my introduction, and be able to gather enough sources together to use for my 5 for my introductory paragraph. I printed out all of my articles from the literature (More)
kcare002 wrote: ThinSat Blog #5
This week after fall break we had a phone conference with Brian Crane and Dr. Ringleb joined us. This meeting was to make sure we are still on the right track with everything and discuss exactly how we want ot approach this project. Then we started d (More)
rgray025 wrote: Blog Post #5
Hello valued reader, as you know, it was a short week but the lightweight fuel cell team was still able to accomplish much since the last blog post. Dr. Zhang got in touch with me this week and asked if I could come by and pick up an older, heavie (More)
anola007 wrote: Thin Sat Blog 4
This week we began the recovery process after our project was completely derailed. We created a rough project scope: 2 Tasks - 1 team for designing and testing the Thin Sat experiment and 1 team for designing and testing the locking mechanism fo (More)
As usual, our project required research on the topic. This time about shear lag theory. This wasn't discussed too much in our meeting however. The meeting went pretty quickly because our adviser had another meeting to attend to. A bit of good news ca (More)
rgray025 wrote: Blog Post #4
Hello valued reader, the lightweight hydrogen fuel cell team had another eventful week. It began with our meeting to discuss and choose materials to once again propose to our advisers. The chosen materials and the reasons why they were chosen can (More)
This week I primary continued reading literature and journals related to compression molding and testing techniques. I also researched the industrial applications regarding compression molding and benefits compared to injection molding since my topic (More)
mgomez wrote: UAV blog post 4
This week I was not very involved with our project. I did research on the on the bipolar plates of what materials could be the most efficient. During my research, I was able to review some great articles on how to develop in-house bipolar plates fo (More)
This week our group learned that our advisor Dr. Hao has been injured and is on leave indefinitely.  We have contacted Dr. Hao's graduate students and are meeting with them on Monday October 2nd to discuss the project and hopefully answer any questi (More)
This week we started to actually break more into groups so that we could give people a more designated path to start their research in so that we can come up with a design and start drawing it out so we can start fabrication as soon as possible witho (More)
rhoss002 wrote: Blog Post#3
This week we had two meetings and we split in to the two teams of 6, so we can design 2 different airplane, but both groups are going to work together and discuss ideas. This week I did some research about the materials that we are gong to use. Also (More)