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neast001 wrote: Blog Post 5: Dynamometer
What tasks have you completed since your last blog post?Since the last blog post, we have continued to research motors that could potentially be used as the driver for the dynamometer arm. We as a group have gone back and forth with the professors a (More)
mmanw001 wrote: Drone - Blog Post 3
1. Summarize the work that you have completed this week, do not summarize the work of the entire group (a picture and hours worked since your last post are still required). The past weeks’ worth of work has mostly been attributed to new researc (More)
nfran003 wrote: Blog Post 3: Dynamometer
This week I have put in about 2-3 hours of research into the project. I was able to successfully download the Fusion 360 dynamometer designs from the previous group, as well as transfer them over to Inventor which appears to be our groups preferred (More)
llewi004 wrote: Blog 3
This weeks work consisted of a lot of research. I have completed my individual introduction which also consisted of research in the current isokinetic dynamometers that are being used which is the Biodex System 4. I learned about the design gaps and (More)
kcree001 wrote: Blog Post 3, Thinsat
This past week, I have been spending my time allocated for the project working on the curriculum for the elementary students. We are planning a few activities for the students to do with their teacher to exemplify the engineering design process and (More)
After discussing what qualities make up a successful leader, we decided to divide our group of six into two groups of three to tackle both aspects of the project based on technical skills and preference.  One group aims to research and design a (More)
Tasks completed: To begin our project, the first step was to collect and review the existing documentation and research for the device. This process is on going and likely will continue throughout the entire semester. Because the device is alread (More)
Since the start of our project we have now divided our group of six into two teams which will handle different aspects of the project. One group is assigned to the programming aspects of the project that involve using the Ardupilot system that p (More)
kcree001 wrote: Blog Post 2; Thinsats
In the past two weeks, my group has been working on the project scope assignment. We finalized the objectives, customer requirements, statement of work, acceptance criteria and completed the work breakdown structure as well as the assignment matrix. (More)