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tmeat001 wrote: Project 3 Reflection
The rhetorical canon I relied on the most in my Digital composition was by far the idea of ethos. I intentionally tried to refer back to net programs and clients that my target audience would have used or at the very least been exposed to – such a (More)
As I look at the composition process for my Creative Commons video, I see clear ways in which the rhetorical canons influenced how I approached the project. In terms of Invention, I attempted to keep my audience in mind as I scripted the video, usin (More)
Both classical and contemporary canons were used and applied in my digital composition of how artists use Instagram posts and bios to communicate to their audience and promote their art. Inventing my idea heavily relied on classical invention becaus (More)
Taking Cell Biology at ODU during Spring 2021 was an experience that I hope to take with me in stride for future classes. Dealing with classes during COVID and having an asynchronous class was indeed a challenge but it provided me with insight into (More)