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The Colorism Myth Buster book breaks down five common misconceptions or prejudices regarding skin color and beauty. With this short Myth Buster book, I wanted to convey a positive message about skin colors and inclusively to the potential rea (More)
For my final project I did a poem named “Little Girl,” this poem is mainly targeted toward girls ages 10-17. That age range is crucial when it comes to appearance and comparing themselves to others. The poem talks about loving yoursel (More)
Photo: Stocksy   A Summary of Skin Bleaching Skin bleaching is the beauty and health practice of using creams, soaps, powders, serums, lotions, pills, injections, and other substances to lighten one’s skin. Skin bleaching is a common (More)
Colorism is the discrimination based on skin color and or shade. It’s a type of form of prejudice that allows people to be treated differently based on the social aspects of skin color. Colorism within the black community goes overlooked because i (More)
amilliga wrote: The Power of Makeup
 The term ‘makeup’ can have many different meanings based on the context. Makeup can refer to the physical cosmetics applied to the body, the act of said application, and can often have different connotations from person to person. The beauty in (More)
Apryl Prentiss wrote: Polysemous Meaning
Barthes discusses polysemous meaning in relation to the "floating chain of signifieds" present in advertising. He mentions that the linguistic message can help to rectify the polysemous and can ground or direct the reading of the “floating chain o (More)