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amilliga wrote: Again and again
When we think about the Holocaust, most people think of the atrocities and wickedness of the Nazi regime perpetrated against those deemed inferior. Naturally people want to believe that they would never stoop to participate in in such vile actions, (More)
amilliga wrote: Propaganda and Eugenics
[caption id="attachment_235" align="alignleft" width="205"] Source: https://fee.org/media/13593/eugenics.jpg?center=0.24,0.49897750511247446&mode=crop&width=1920&rnd=131303471810000000[/caption] The first image above is a 1920s poster (More)
Propaganda is what ravages genocides. The spew of information provides a slew of uninterrupted knowledge, that infiltrates unbeknownst minds. Propaganda is the unsolicited information from political parties’ viewpoints. Forms of propaganda have bee (More)
[caption id="attachment_228" align="alignleft" width="300"] Predic, Uros. “Orphan Upon His Mother's Grave.” Srebrenica Genocide Blog, Nenad Lj. Stefanovic, 6 May 2012, srebrenica-genocide.blogspot.com/2012/05/war-propaganda-serbian-orphan-in.html (More)
This civil war era pamphlet is a form of propaganda used in the Confederate States of America. To adorn the cover of the pamphelt, the U.C.S.A uses the depiction of the perfect southern man, dressed in a soldiers uniform, wielding a sword, and bearin (More)
Propaganda can be defined as information that is biased or misleading, used to promote or publicize a particular cause or point of view. Propaganda posters were very popular in the past, used to convey the thoughts and opinions of the illustrator. T (More)
The year is 1943. With two years of the war left, Americans are enduringly waiting for their soilders to return back to the homefront. Women are eagerly entering the workforce, despite their “second shifts” that they must face when they arrive ho (More)
amilliga wrote: Pilgrim Propaganda
  Propaganda is an image that is used to persuade readers to get involved in a particular movement. When people think of propaganda, they often think of war efforts, however, a particular piece of propaganda that really gets my attention is t (More)
The historic propaganda image I chose was from World War II, it shows a young boy wearing a Nazi hat with war going on in the background. This piece of propaganda was to scare the American people into buying war bonds to help the government finance t (More)
amilliga wrote: Racism and Propaganda
[caption id="attachment_205" align="alignleft" width="300"] Photo From: http://anotherlooka.blogspot.com/2016/05/runaways-another-point-of-view-about.html[/caption] This isn’t just regular propaganda, it represents racism as well. King Kong is a (More)
When we think of propaganda we might only think of old war-time posters and political cartoons, but propaganda is still very prevalent in many contemporary ways that we might not consider. I think propaganda, good and bad, still has a very strong e (More)
[caption id="attachment_198" align="alignleft" width="201"] Photograph of war bonds child poster. We Are The Mighty, 21 Jul. 2015, https://www.wearethemighty.com/articles/military-propaganda[/caption] Propaganda has been around since Ancient Gree (More)
  At first glance, the two images I have selected may not look like they have much in common. Once you realize what the image on the left says, and from what time period, the similarities are astounding. On the left, a piece of Nazi propa (More)
amilliga wrote: Propaganda and Us
Propaganda impacts our minds a lot today. I think propaganda has a way of slowly affecting the intended audience with repetition. In today’s society where the internet rules the world, it is a time for Propaganda to thrive. There is a lot of propag (More)
In the older poster of propaganda, it shows a snake with a Japanese person’s face with a snake tongue. The poster also tells of how these people or snakes backstab. The poster also makes the Japanese person’s face look threatening and not really (More)
amilliga wrote: Democracy and Propaganda
[caption id="attachment_182" align="alignleft" width="226"] Figure 1: This World War II poster can be found by clicking the link below https://digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc181/[/caption]   In the posters shown, the change propa (More)
[caption id="attachment_178" align="alignright" width="277"] Travis, A. M. (2017, April 03). The Uncle Sam 'I Want YOU' poster is 100 years old. Almost everything about it was borrowed. Retrieved September 25, 2018, from https://www.washingtonpost.co (More)
amilliga wrote: Immigration Propaganda
[caption id="attachment_174" align="alignleft" width="369"] Louis Dalrymple, ““The High Tide of Immigration—A National Menace”,” HERB: Resources for Teachers, accessed September 26, 2018, https://herb.ashp.cuny.edu/items/show/1875[/captio (More)
[caption id="attachment_144" align="alignleft" width="300"] Arbeit Macht Frei/Work Makes Who Free? by Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman.Sprayed acrylic on metal, wood, and photography on photolinen and canvas. (67” x 143”)http://www.judychicago.com (More)