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gfaul002 wrote: Blog Post 3
On Monday I met with my group to start working on the project scope. Most of the scope was written that day but we did have a few more questions so Dr. Bawab agreed to meet with us on Thursday at the formula team meeting. I went to the meeting on Thu (More)
ayere001 wrote: Formula SAE blog post 3
This week we encountered a few difficulties with the scope assignment. I stayed after class on Monday and Wednesday this week and met with most of my group and we worked on the scope assignment, and the WBS and RAM as well. After we did the best that (More)
zclar002 wrote: Blog 3
This week the group meet for just over an hour on Tuesday and an hour on Wednesday. Since the rules came out the week prior Dr. Landman spent most of the Tuesday meeting reviewing the rules with the group. I suggested we change the elevator and rud (More)
jdomi003 wrote: SAE AERO EAST BLOG #2
This week, the 2019 rules were released for the SAE AERO East competition the will take place in Ft. Worth, Texas. I read these rules and a few of the other documents posted by Dr. Landman and last years SAE Aero East's team. I also attended the firs (More)
smarg001 wrote: Thin Sat Blog 2
We had our weekly meeting where we revised our project scope as well as establishing our communication means. We're using an app called slack where we have set it up for our main group communication as well as our sub groups and the responsibilities (More)
kwirt004 wrote: K. Wirtes Blog Post #2
This week's goal for the project was to meet with our advisor, Dr. Britcher.  I emailed back and forth with him a bit to coordinate schedules to allow the group to meet for the first time.  I started to type up the Project Scope Rough Draft for our (More)
zcamp004 wrote: Weekly Blog Post #7
This past week was filled with highs and lows. We made great progress on fan fold design only to find out later in the week that our design will not be flying on OA-10. Though this is a massive disappointment, we are working through it and trying to (More)
zcamp004 wrote: Blog Post #5
This week's deliverables involved individual introductions and the project scope. The project scope was developed with the knowledge we currently have of our project and topics concerning work that is a continuation of that being done by the current (More)