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nvers002 wrote: Blog Post 10
There was some good news this week from the Baja club. The frame arrived in the shop on Wednesday and they spent a lot of time welding it all together. With the frame being built, other parts of the car can now be put together. As far as our senior d (More)
Christopher VanOstrand wrote: SAE AERO East Blog post #6
This week we received a few deadlines, made some progress, and hopefully will start building in the upcoming weeks. Me and Sean modeled up two different fuselage designs. I modeled a plain straight stick design and he modeled a design that incorporat (More)
This week our group focused on fixing some issues with our scope. We met with Dr. Ringleb after class which allowed us to zero in on some of the aspects we had questions on, then discussed how we wanted to progress from there. I feel that our scope n (More)
pcare001 wrote: Blog Post #5
This week we had our regular meeting with our advisor. The Baja club leaders were in attendance to offer us some further insight into our scope items. Also, our gearbox team members, including myself, got together to design gears. We came up with a f (More)
Christopher VanOstrand wrote: SAE AERO East Blog Post #5
This week was more productive in that we started modeling the physical plane concept in inventor. I sent out two questions about the rules to the competition rule committee. The two questions were if we could use the box as part of our aircraft, and (More)
The project's purpose experienced a significant change due to the recent release of the Regular Class rules.  Specifically, a newly introduced 12 ft wing span limit has led to the decision for our group to compete in the Micro Class.  The group met (More)