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What was your contribution to your project this semester?  To support this, provide and explanation AND links to 2-3 blog posts or provide up to three pieces of evidence (e.g., drawings, equations, etc.) that explain your contribution.  My resp (More)
I and the offshore team had a meeting on November 23 with our project advisor, Dr. Demuren, regarding the project. The meeting was about the structure of the final paper and the information Dr. Demuren wanted to see in the paper. Before this meetin (More)
Since my last blog post, I have been working on a graph that shows the overall growth and advancement of the power production of offshore wind turbines and offshore wind farms over time. This graph will help us to predict how fast offshore wind tech (More)
Since the beginning of this week (October 18), I have read two scientific articles regarding my project - "Why Offshore wind Energy?" by Esteban et al. and "Europe, China and the United States: Three different approaches to the development of offsho (More)
Since our first meeting with our faculty advisor, Dr. Demuren, me and the other team members have started to gather literature resources such as journals, articles etc. individually for the project. We plan to create google doc where we summarize ou (More)
PART 1 1. What are your technical strengths (e.g., skills, option courses taken, etc.) I am an undergraduate research student currently under mentorship of Dr. Kumar. I have worked on design for bio char filter and am currently working on deve (More)