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Reign the Mermaid, October 2020 Located on Brock Commons in the University Village, the Old Dominion University (ODU) mermaid is named "Reign." The statue was dedicated on October 28, 2020. History ODU, Tidewater Community College, Norfolk (More)
Learning Unit 6 In this triad, I was assigned a case history of a fictional 11-year-old male with diagnosed ADHD and ODD. We were tasked with identifying one cognitive communicative skill to treat this client. Then, use a lesson plan to create th (More)
Learning Unit 4 In this assignment, students were to act as an SLP assigned to treat the client with moderate ASD. Then, I identified one target in therapy and use the lesson plan to create three short-term goals and one long-term goal targeting (More)
Learning Unit 3 In this triad, the class was provided a video, two articles on Specific Learning Impairments and Case History. Then, I summarized the information by designing a "meme" that visually depicted the intended message of the articles an (More)
Learning Triad 5 This assignment is based on a case history of a 4 year 6-month-old female in preschool who has an expressive and receptive language disorder. based on my course knowledge, I identified expressive language skills that would treat (More)
Learning Unit Triad 2 Case History #1 I was presented with a case history of a 6 year, 4-month-old male. I was asked by the professor, to rate the severity of the client's GFTA score; determine what qualifies for therapy; identify the most app (More)
In this clinically based project, our group created a clinical-based dilemma centered around the Every Student Succeeds Act and the ASHA Code of Ethics. We used a decision-making model to formulate a solution to your clinical dilemma. Our clinical d (More)
By: Victoria Tillinghast Last summer, when the Black Lives Matter movement was at its peak popularity, we saw many businesses and organizations employ anti-racist statements. This public display against racism was unparalleled; Starbucks even (More)