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gfaul002 wrote: Blog Post 8
This week I met with my group to work on the draft for  network diagram and list  the tasks  necessary to complete our senior project. Everything that needs to be completed in order for us to get a rolling chassis with suspension system by  April (More)
ayere001 wrote: Alex Yerena blog post 8
This week I helped with the Network Diagram and methods assignment. I looked at two sites that advertised network diagrams: smartsheet.com and lucidchart.com. It was difficult to find a template that met the requirements and the example that was prov (More)
Good Evening, For this week, I followed up on the action items from my Blog Post # 7, worked on my methods Draft # 1, created the Network Diagram, reached out to National Instruments about a new DAQ,  troubleshooted the laptop  we use with the D (More)
This week I spent some time drafting our network diagram. This was a little challenging thinking about the little steps that go into the big overall picture. I’m generally pretty good about maintaining the big picture mindset, however I have never (More)