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sfish004 wrote: SAE Aero East Final Post
1 My Contribution to the 2017-2018 Aero East design team was designing the fuselage and determining what material the fuselage would be made out of. We determined that the fuselage should be made out of high density carbon fiber square tubes of 6m (More)
This week was thanksgiving break. I am thankful that our plane design and construction is moving along nicely. We have the tail section partially built and the wing section almost completely built for a "test run". The foam people, ULINE, have not gi (More)
rhoss002 wrote: Blog #11
We didn't do much during last week. We had one meeting on last Monday and talked about the things we are going to do after thanksgiving holiday. We have two different wing design with different material; one with balsa wood and one hybrid of balsa wo (More)
This week the entire plane design has been completed. I have put in a donation request to ULINE to see if we can get 4 sheets of extruded polystyrene foam for free since we have no money to buy parts. The fuselage just has to be ordered now as well, (More)
This week I researched where to buy polystyrene foam for our plane. I had success with Amazon and a few other industrial sites. We are planning to build a 1 by 1 plane that will fit in the box for the competition. The polystyrene foam will serve as t (More)
This past week the fuselage team finalized the design as well the tail section. The 6mm carbon square tube will be used for the fuselage and the tail section will be mounted by sleeve to the tail end. The tail section will be able to be folded so tha (More)
rhoss002 wrote: Blog #6
This week we had two meetings on Monday and Wednesday. We met with Dr Landman on Wednesday. Every subgroups worked on their tasks. Our subgroup worked on the airfoil and wing. We needed to design two wings: a foam wing and a hybrid of balsa and ABS p (More)
This week as a group we were able to meet with Dr. Landman in person so we could see exactly what he wanted done and when he wanted specific things to be done by. It was good to talk to him in person because it gave us a good perspective on exactly w (More)
This week me made great headway. Each of us was assigned a specific task by Dr. Landman. I was assigned the task of modeling the wing mount on the fuselage and determining how we are going to attach the payload to the structure. Our fuselage will be (More)
This week was honestly was a slower week and I think it may be due to the fact that we had fall break. This said we have really defined roles for who and what needs to be done. Here are some things that we did discuss though: We got confirmation (More)
I started working on designing the parts of the aircraft that will be assembled into the body of the aircraft such as the motor, controller, and electrical wiring. All designs are done and now just have to be placed visually into the frame of the air (More)
Over the past week we decided to go over a couple of things to really get started with the project itself, we need to start sooner than later due to obvious deadlines and its better to be started early and not to be rushing right before things are du (More)
This past we week we had to begin the design phase no matter what. The fuselage group agreed on having the payload attached to the underside of the wing and fuselage structure. A rough picture is provided below. This case allows us to apply the maxim (More)
This week I decided to become a member of the Fuselage design sub group. The goal of designing two planes is to figure out which design would work the best given the competition design rules. A very imaginative design constraint is that the plane mus (More)
efiel008 wrote:
During week 3 we had two meetings. The first was just the team. We mainly discussed due dates and class assignments. We decided to split up into two groups and design two airplanes. The two groups will still collaborate and discuss ideas. This way, w (More)
enorf001 wrote: SAE Aero East Week 2
This week the SAE Aero East team met three times and we had to essentially start over from last week due to the fact that the competition rules had drastically changed from the year before, and could not go off the same basis of the design last year (More)
nbrya006 wrote: Blog Post #2
During this week, the rules for the SAE Aero East competition were released. We discovered that the rules had include a regulation on the wing span of the plane and limited it to 12 feet. This became a major problem because the current plane we have (More)
This week the SAE Aero East 2018 competition rules were released. They put a new restriction on the wing span of the RC plane. This renders ODU's previous plane unusable. That being said, we have the option to enter any class at this year's compet (More)
The project's purpose experienced a significant change due to the recent release of the Regular Class rules.  Specifically, a newly introduced 12 ft wing span limit has led to the decision for our group to compete in the Micro Class.  The group met (More)