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Since Blog Post # 3, the team has completed the list of criteria & sub-criteria and the rough draft of the AHP calculator in Excel. Lieutenant Lexi Royster of the coast Guard joined us for a meeting on November 5th to give us insight on what the (More)
1) Summarize the work that you have completed this week, do not summarize the work of the entire group (a picture and hours worked since your last post are still required). Some of the assignments that I have worked on this week are the list of c (More)
kjagi001 wrote: Wind
Met with Dr. Demuren and talked about specific goals for project and laid out semesters work. Looked at several research articles regarding wind energy turbines. Completing research on the design of offshore wind energy turbines. Also look into (More)
Since the first blog that was posted, the AHP project group decided to have meetings every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00 - 3:00 pm starting on 10/1/2020. During the first meeting Dr. Hou discussed in further detail the purpose of this pr (More)
What are your technical strengths (e.g., skills, option courses taken, etc.)I currently work at Newport News Shipbuilding and have been working there for about 7 years, which is experience in an industrial manufacturing facility.I am good at excel a (More)