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ssmit059 wrote: Blog post 1: Thinsat
What are your technical strengths (e.g., skills, option courses taken, etc.)I am good at excel, being able to analyze and organize data to describe any issue a problem may be facing What are your technical weaknesses or things you don’t like to (More)
tbott002 wrote: Final Blog Post- PCR
What was your contribution to your project this semester?  To support this, provide and explanation AND links to 2-3 blog posts or provide up to three pieces of evidence (e.g., drawings, equations, etc.) that explain your contribution.  (More)
One thing I have done from the start to help us with the project is I created a Meeting Time Log (MTL) (Table 1) on an Excel sheet in the Google Share Drive, which keeps track of how many hours each meeting was with a brief description of what happe (More)
tbott002 wrote: PCR- Blog Post 5
Since the last meeting, I have begun the 3D Inventor model of our chassis and PCR tube heating block, completed the introduction and discussion for our final paper draft, and begun the process of editing the Final paper. For the 3D model, the goal w (More)
Since Blog Post #4, The team has been working on the Final Paper, Project Scope, Budget, Gantt Chart, and the AHP. We had a meeting with Dr. Hou on December 1st and we discussed creating a PowerPoint Presentation for the AHP and making sure the weig (More)
tbott002 wrote: Blog Post 4- PCR
Since Blog Post 3, I have put most of my efforts into the CAD design for our PCR model. The purpose of this design is to give the user an itemized parts list/assembly so that the PCR design can be easily replicated. The CAD design itself will simply (More)
tbott002 wrote: Blog Post 3- PCR
Since writing blog post number 2, I have contributed approximately 8 hours to this project. Using the materials from our funding request I have begun generating an AutoCAD model of our design. Using this model and materials, I have calculated the mi (More)
tbott002 wrote: Blog Post #2- PCR
The past week, this team has met 3 times, determined a design that we will begin working on, and had a team member present a design for funding. Reading research papers provided by the faculty advisor and sources found by team members has influenced (More)
sredd002 wrote: Blog Post 2
Since the last blog post my team and I have met twice, for under 2 hours each time, and have discussed multiple aspects of the project. Most importantly, in my opinion, we discussed some of the challenges faced by the previous year's team in terms o (More)
What are your technical strengths (e.g., skills, option courses taken, etc.) I have taken several extra courses relating to Propulsion and Thermodynamics, and consider them to be my stronger subjects. I also have spent years as a technician for m (More)
Skills Assessment Questions What are your technical strengths (e.g., skills, option courses taken, etc.)I believe I possess many technical strengths. I have a decent understanding of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. I use both quite frequently (More)