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Having learned and gained much from recording the Inventions, I will post the three-voice Sinfonias without comment, all on this page as they are completed. Here is the equipment I'm using: Top voice, Conn 36h alto trombone with B-flat attachmen (More)
jhall wrote: No15 BWV 786
I've come quite a ways over the last few months practicing these Inventions, especially with bass trombone. Challenges of range posed in No15 were met quickly because of work done in previous Inventions. Several axioms of bass trombone playing are kn (More)
jhall wrote: No14 BWV 785
No14 is a great middle of the road (with regard to tempo) technique builder, specifically slide technique. It takes me twice as long to record the bass trombone parts as it does the alto parts. This is because my tone production skills are still deve (More)
jhall wrote: No11 BWV 782
This lyrical, beautiful Invention features melodic minor scale material and a haunting chromatic passage that creates a sinking feeling when it descends and a hopeful feeling when it ascends. The alto part is comfortable providing ample opportunity t (More)
jhall wrote: No8 BWV 779
No8 is just straight forward technique but much of it is in extreme registers and proved to be quite challenging. The work I've already done on the first seven Inventions is paying off. The alto part came about more easily than before, as did much of (More)