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Folger Shakespeare Library While I was not able to visit the Folger Shakespeare Library in person, I did find that the website contained insightful information to help paint a full picture of this special library. As an English teacher, this libr (More)
Strasburg High School Library Space & Physical Access  Strasburg High School is situated in rural Shenandoah County. The school (and high school library) is in the valley, so it offers a great view of the mountains when looking or wal (More)
Bowman Library Space & Physical Access  Bowman Library is situated beside Lakeside Lake in Stephens City, Virginia. There are townhouses located nearby, but overall this area exudes nature vibes. As the library is by the lake, a half (More)
Scarborough Library - Shepherd University Nestled in the small town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, Scarborough Library resides on the East side of campus. This library is special to me, as I spent numerous hours inside of it as an undergraduate (More)