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Podcast Review I am typically not into podcasts, or audiobooks, mostly because I start daydreaming and then have to continuously rewind and ask “what’s happening?” So I knew right off the bat, that whichever podcast I chose had to be entertaini (More)
Incorporating infographics into the classroom is an excellent way to communicate information in a visual format. I had a lot of fun exploring the various tools presented in the Sandbox. I have used Canva for professional and personal projects. Some i (More)
sblak004 wrote: Sandbox # 2
This week we explored images. After choosing a picture of a woman and her shadow, I took a look at all the editing websites. I decided to use the tuxpi website and used the focus effect. I did look at the swirl effect, and the wirl effect, but deci (More)
sberr006 wrote: LIBS 602 - Sandbox #2
Identifying Genres using Pixabay and Pizap Bagjain, D. (2021). Mount-everest-mountains-trekking-Nepal-everest-6395769 [digital photograph]. Pixabay. https://pixabay.com/photos/mount-everest-mountains-trekking-6395759/ CC Zero I used all of the (More)
sblak004 wrote: Sandbox # 1
I love that the first thing we got to explore was word clouds. As a kindergarten teacher, I have used word clouds in the past. My assistant and I usually list all the words we can think of to describe each student and the things they love. Once we c (More)
sberr006 wrote: LIBS 602 -Sandbox #1
Sandbox #1: About Me Word Cloud Why Word Art? I used WordArt to create my word cloud. However, I did test each tool presented in the Sandbox to see the design variations and possibilities. I preferred WordArt due to the various design options (More)