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Andriy Slynchuk wrote a blog about 11 Illegal Things You Unknowingly Do on the Internet. Image from https://clario.co/blog/illegal-things-you-do-online/ Out of 11 things, the five most serious cases would be Using Unofficial Streaming Services (More)
A bug bounty is a program hosted by various companies to locate vulnerabilities affecting the software and end user. The "bugs" varies from different levels. For example, some bugs can have a high vulnerability risk, whereas a minor bug only affects (More)
ltupa001 wrote: CyMeme
*Panicking programmer noise* (Note: I made the meme from a website, but they put their watermark) Human system integration is based on human action. So programmers and developers have a hard time figuring out what the user needs and utilizing the (More)
Social cybersecurity is a growing risk for future warfare. Social cybersecurity is ‘humans using technology to “hack” other humans.’ The purpose of social cybersecurity is to disrupt the trust between the government and the people. It is als (More)
A cybersecurity analyst is an entry-level job that requires employees to monitor the network, respond to incidents, help with IT issues, and more. An employer's ideal employee would be a person with an outstanding resume and certifications such as C (More)
Social Media Disorder Scale by PsyToolkit I scored 2.0 on the Social Media Disorder (SMD) Scale when I took the test. I find the questions to be quite interesting. Some questions were about social life, and some were about personal feelings. Some (More)
Media can change people's perspectives without a doubt. They can tell stories that are neutral or biased. They are a crucial factor when communicating technology to society. They can change the viewpoint of society from one point to another. For exa (More)
Question: Can we create three fake and three real websites and ask them to spot the difference? Short answer, yes. It is pretty easy to duplicate a website with the right tools. However, it's not always easy for people who do not have technica (More)
ltupa001 wrote: Ranking Hacker's Motives
Multiple ReasonFor moneyRecognitionEntertainmentBoredomPoliticalRevenge Multiple reasons can be a combination of different motives, and I think it's what motivates hackers. They hack to gain recognition while earning money. Furthermore, I put mon (More)
Instruction Review Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and explain how each levelrelates to your experiences with technology. Then, give specific examples ofhow your digital experiences relate to each level of need. What is Maslow’s Hierarchy of N (More)
People are entitled to know when their information has been leaked. PrivacyRights.org sets the standard for notifying people when a data breach has occurred. Not telling people can lead to the identity theft of users. Information spreads fast over t (More)
Instruction: Explain how the principles of science relate to cybersecurity Relativism Relativism states that everything is related. However, for cybersecurity, as technology's development continues, people's lives are affected. It can be a goo (More)
There are many areas that I want to focus my career on; however, I think that I can't get through all of them. However, what I like the most is the technical, hands-on stuff, and it allows me to think critically. From the NICE Workforce Framework, I (More)