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The article “Social Cybersecurity: An Emerging National Security Requirement” highlights the importance of social cybersecurity and how the digital world has evolved into platforms where anyone can spread disinformation that significantly influe (More)
I've listed for you three fake websites and three real websites. Comparing and understanding the format and functionality of these sites can help determine how to spot fake ones to keep your information safe. Fake Websites: One: https://best (More)
Ranking Motives 1-7 Ranking's Explained 1. Multiple Agendas https://www.infosecuritymagazine.com/news/whatdriveshackerstoalifeof/__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=pmd_c1d89a4695edbd23f2bceb54d70f35ce5e536e86-1626721164-0-gqNtZ (More)