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The speaker Mr. Davin Teo presented a very interesting and detailed view of his profession of Digital Forensics Investigator/Consultant. I correlate the social sciences and this profession of a Digital Forensics Investigator needs to have an advance (More)
In reading the required article for today’s journal entry, I believe the 5 most serious points are: Faking your identity or stealing someone’s identity online Recording a call or video of someone without consent. Sharing other people (More)
pnewt001 wrote: Journal #13
 Write a summary reaction to the use of the Bug Bounty policies in your journal.  Bug Bounty policies are beneficial for all types and sizes of businesses. Hackers could come from diverse backgrounds, and operate at different price points acco (More)
In reading the "Sample Data Breach Notification Letter" I thought of the Laissez-fare economic theory – where the government shall not affect Laissez-fare economic theory – where the government responds to particular events that happen, but does (More)
In watching the video required for feedback, I took special notice of social interactions she detailed for an entry level Cybersecurity Analyst. She takes note of community involvement, networking and even volunteering to gain insight and experience (More)
pnewt001 wrote: Jounal Entry 10:
Social Cybersecurity An Emerging National Security Requirement I found the article that was required reading to be very interesting. The title of the article was Social Cybersecurity An Emerging National Security Requirement https://www.armyu (More)
In taking the assigned social media disorder scale, I answered yes to three questions. I don’t think I care too much or too little about social media. I am onewho likes to look at everyone else’s stuff but only on Instagram and or Facebook, and (More)
Media can easily influence our understanding of cybersecurity. Good information as well as bad information can be distributed easily through the media. I have seen so many things online that are definitely opinion, hearsay or "fake news" about e (More)
I looked up Louis Vuitton bags for sale, and typed that in the google search bag. Many websites came up that said "authentic" Louis Vuitton bags, new or used for sale. One way I could determine if it was a fake website was that the website added word (More)
1. For money2. Multiple reasons3. Political 4. Recognition5. Revenge6. Entertainment7. BoredomThis is the ranking I came to after reading each article in the module. Some of the articles did not really turn out to be how I envisioned them but still (More)
It is interesting how I correlate Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to my experiences with technology. I had to really ponder things I normally take for granted. The base of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is Physiological. How I translate this is my shel (More)
The website PrivacyRights.org is a tool not only to learn about data breaches, but also advocacy, education and law overview. There are many free and resourceful overviews and question and answer type resources that are free and offer so (More)
The Principals of Science briefly described:Relativism- The concept that all things are relatedObjectivity- Scientists need to be neutral, not opinion based when doing studies or researchParsimony- Keeping scientific explanations (More)
. The areas of the NICE (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education) Workforce Framework I would like to focus on in my career would be centered around Oversee and Govern (OV) specifically training, education and awareness. Training, ed (More)