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ngren001 wrote: Final Blog Post
1) My contribution to the project this semester is working on the final paper and making sure all of the comments were corrected. I began learning solid works to be able to conduct a finite element analysis of stress on our adapter. This will be con (More)
ngren001 wrote: Blog Post 5
Since my last post, I have downloaded and began experimenting with solid works. I am practicing conducting the finite element analysis for our next design. Our current design we have learned fails due to the amount of heat generated by high RPMs (More)
ngren001 wrote: Blog Post 4
Since my last post many things have happened for the lathe group. I have written an intro and a methods draft for our final paper. IN addition, I learned some of the basics of solid works from a group member to help draw and design our new ideas and (More)
ngren001 wrote: Blog post 3 Lathe
This week I worked on my introduction to our project and discussed the limitations of our adapter. I learned about the stresses in gears from my design textbook. In addition, I learned about shear stresses and how the amount of horsepower exposed to (More)
Since the last progress report via blog post 2, we have progressed more as a group towards our objective. We concluded our brainstorming design phase, and in doing so chose a planetary gear cluster (PCG) to be our design intention. After settling on (More)
dpret001 wrote: Blog post 2- Lathe
Since my last blog, I have met with my team a few times outside of class without our faculty advisor. We elected someone to be the leader of the group. General guidelines and conversation starter questions have been set in place for when we have gro (More)