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ddani021 wrote: Entry 13
How should we approach the development of cyber-policy and -infrastructure given the “short arm” of predictive knowledge? The “short arm” of predictive knowledge is basically the viewpoint and ethical conduct of each situation to be immed (More)
ddani021 wrote: Entry 12
How does cyber technology impact interactions between offenders and victims? According to cyber cramps studies and researchers cyber victims against traditional crimes are more likely to be called offenders. With a cyber policy that is in place r (More)
ddani021 wrote: Entry 11
What is the overlap between criminal justice and cybercrime? How does this overlap relate to the other disciplines discussed in this class? As time goes on the line between criminal justice and cybercrime have become more and more blurred due to (More)
ddani021 wrote: Entry 10
How do engineers make cyber networks safer? As engineers create cyber networks they can always be improved to maximize safety for hubris. The cyber networks consistently keep in touch with other Hubers to gain information on pass by for a text, s (More)
ddani021 wrote: Entry 9
Describe three ways that computers have made the world safer and less safe. Since the world has evolved to include more technology in our everyday lives, it is evident that computers have made the world safer in some ways and also less safe in so (More)
ddani021 wrote: Entry 8
How can you tell if your computer is safe? Over the years technology has evolved, meaning it can do a lot more things than we are used to. However, with the computer doing a lot more things it is highly important to know if your computer is safe (More)
ddani021 wrote: Entry 7
What are the costs and benefits of developing cybersecurity programs in business? As the world evolves, technology grows and cybercriminals look for new ways to steal information. Cyber incidents are the leading reason why businesses are losing m (More)
ddani021 wrote: Entry 6
How has cyber technology created opportunities for workplace deviance? Cyber technology has created opportunities for workplace deviance because cyber-deviance has a wide range of actions from web surfing for personal reasons, wasting time, cyber (More)
ddani021 wrote: Entry 5
Use the letters of the word CYBERSECURITY to list legal ways to make money in cybersecurity. Create an app that can encrypt any message easily Yacht software that can control the boat from a remote location Building a software firewall for (More)
ddani021 wrote: Entry 4
Compare cybersecurity risks in the U.S. and another country. Cybersecurity is a topic that is practiced worldwide by protecting Thank you, service, net worth, mobile devices, and the data stored in the devices from cyber attacks. Cybersecurity ha (More)
ddani021 wrote: Entry 3
Describe four ethical issues that arise when storing electronic information about individuals. As the world evolves, it has been made easier to store people’s personal information by using different technologies such as cloud storage. Since thi (More)
ddani021 wrote: Entry 2
Select four other majors offered by ODU and explain how those majors relate to cybersecurity. Four other majors offered by Old Dominion University that relate to cybersecurity are computer programming, computer science, computer engineering, and (More)
ddani021 wrote: Entry 1
Why are you interested in cybersecurity technology? My interest in cybersecurity stems from how the world is becoming more evolved and how things are starting to become more digital. Since these past couple of years even more things have decided (More)