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Digital technologies are revolutionizing the way art is displayed and sold. Moving the arts community online with open accessibility to anyone was a seismic feat for artists everywhere, giving them a different means to communicate and interact with (More)
Before the Internet and World Wide Web, the “starving artist” mentality was the apex for unknown or struggling artists. Finding art dealers, collectors, or museum curators interested in purchasing or showcasing a lesser-known artist’s art was (More)
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Digital-CompositionDownload Digital-Composition-ScriptDownload *I put the link for my Google Slides project in a comment in case this format does not work with sound. (More)
My topic for the digital composition project is to analyze how traditional art has remediated and evolved over time to what is now considered digital art. I will also focus on how various digital technologies and online platforms have enabled this r (More)
yhubb001 wrote: Week 5 Reading Blog
When the World Wide Web was ushered in it completely altered not only the kind of information we had access to but how we took it in and used it. The moment citizens were able to “exercise control” on either a private or social platform, it fore (More)
In this evaluation I wanted to share how a technological platforms like Instagram stories can bring out the creative side of users to produce, direct and edit different events in their own, or other people’s lives. The word ‘stories’ is a meta (More)
An Instagram feed is an opportunity to highlight your life and interests. You can create an Instagram account for anything. Generally Instagrams are used for two purposes:Casual use, connecting with friends:Not typically used to promote anything, us (More)
yhubb001 wrote: Week 3 Genre Analysis
This genre analysis is about hashtags and how they are used with Instagram. Most people using hashtags on Instagram are usually associated with and have Twitter and Facebook accounts as well. While this blog is about Instagram hashtags, I am sharing (More)
yhubb001 wrote: Week 3 Blog
HOW TO USE, POST AND SEARBH FOR HASHTAGS While using hashtags might seem easy they can be a bit challenging to navigate. For the purpose of this how to I will use the hashtag #thehillweclimbed. Basic rules to follow so your hashtag will be lin (More)
lpete003 wrote: Digital Genre Analysis
*Disclaimer: A couple of the Instagram accounts have features such as in caption hyperlinks and links on the photos that are only accessible on mobile devices that can't be seen on a computer*      For my digital analysis (More)
Instagram is a social media app that focuses on photo/video sharing and adding filters. Instagram allows creators to find like-minded individuals to create and join discourse communities. Through this idea, the genre of Instagram Influencer feeds wa (More)
Fore, P. (2017). Antique Typewriter on Dark Wood [Digital Image]. Unsplash. Retrieved from https://unsplash.com/photos/0gkw_9fy0eQ CC Zero 6893491(2018). Women-adult-girl-book-reader-3156263 [Digital Image]. Pixabay. Retrieved from https://pi (More)