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Many Americans regard Memorial Day as the unofficial start to summer, celebrating with barbecues, beach trips, shopping and sun. But the holiday’s true intent is to honor veterans who have died in American wars. How much do you know about the (More)
Now in its 51st year, Earth Day is an annual event that was created to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Old Dominion University and the ODU Alumni Association find new ways to commemorate this holiday annually. This year, the Alumni (More)
mmckeown wrote: Happy Valentine's Day!
Not sure what to say to your Monarch Valentine? We've got you covered! Download one (or all) of the special cards below and spread ODU love this Valentine's Day! (More)
kdanson wrote: Holiday Greetings!
As 2020 winds down, it is the people – the connections – that made the year truly meaningful. On behalf of the ODU Alumni Association, we are heartened and grateful to look back on the support, enthusiasm and loyalty of our Monarch family. We si (More)
kdanson wrote: Healthy Holiday Eating
Following a rather sedentary year, we asked University dietitian Tracy Conder to share her best tips - and recipes! - for a healthy holiday feasting. Download the tips via the link below. Healthy-Holiday-Eating-TipsDownload (More)