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ccraf001 wrote: ThinSat blog 11
While this week was Thanksgiving, there was still plenty to do before I could go home for the break. At the beginning of the week, much time was spent collaborating to to make sure that each part of the Final paper draft was ready to be compiled into (More)
wpegr001 wrote: ThinSat Blog 2
This week our group had its first official meeting to discuss our perceived project goals and compile a list of questions we had in regards to the ThinSat project. This list came in handy when we met with our faculty advisors, Drs. Ash and Ringleb. A (More)
Just this past Friday, I, along with my team, met with our faculty advisors to further discuss the plan for our ThinSat. The purpose of the meeting was to get a better understanding as to what improvements the ThinSat needs. In addition to this, we w (More)