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My Body is Changing and That is OKAY Young, Liam I work with the elderly, and I feel I have a tremendous role in helping them understand that, although their bodies are currently in state of change, that doesn’t mean they should not continu (More)
amilliga wrote: Bodylore and Nursing
In the world of nursing, it would seem obvious that the study of the body is incorporated into the practice. In a literal and physiological sense this is true, considering the academic focus on human anatomy in nursing school, but the full realm (More)
amilliga wrote: Bodylore and Healthcare
Source: BBC.com: A body Donated to Science- but used to test bombs Bodylore is becoming a hot topic when looking at today’s society. For those who do not know, bodylore is simply the way that one displays their body making up their physical ide (More)
Jas is a senior here at the illustrious Old Dominion University, majoring in Biology with a minor in Women Studies. In her spare time Jas likes to create useful but innovative diy projects, along with living in simplicity. She has fu (More)
The LGBT Life Center in Hampton Roads noticed an increase in sexually transmitted diseases.  Over the past six months there has been 254 cases, which is a 20% increase.  The LGBT Life Center is also seeing an increase in HIV with 31 cases in the (More)