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dwens001 wrote: Dalton Wensel Blog 10
This week I worked on the tail of the plane some more. I made slots in the tail for the wire of the servo to be placed so it can be easily connected to the wire in the fuselage. I used an x-acto knife to score the balsa wood until there was enough sp (More)
jcraw010 wrote: Blog post 10
This week was production week. The group is making a push to get a flying aircraft. I covered the tail rudders with mylar covering all that needs to be done is the attachment of the rudders to the fin. I also completed 3 foam core wings as the trade (More)
This week was a hectic week. Our group met with Dr. Landman to discuss plans going forward with the plane emphasizing more that we only have a short time window left to get a working and viable plane. With all the design choices at hand I’ve been j (More)
This week was a productive week for the team in terms of following through and acting on some of the ideas that have been brought up before. This week I designed a balsa wood wing airfoil in fusion 360 which was replicated after last year's design. T (More)
This week was another busy week for SAE Aero. On October 15, some members met unofficially after our MAE 434W class. During this time, I worked on the inboard section of the right wing on the Gentle Lady. I had some difficulty with the given sizes (More)
jdomi003 wrote: SAE AERO EAST Blog #3
This week, I spent a reasonable amount of time looking into foam wing designs to lighten the weight of our remote controlled plane design. Per my research, foam is about 4x lighter than balsa wood (the previous design teams wing material) but retains (More)