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smarg001 wrote: ThinSat Blog 12
This week i began reworking/editing the introductory paragraph for the aerodynamics portion of the ThinSat's paper. Dr. Ringleb had given a lot of good points as the paragraph gave too much information that pertained to the methods and not enough gen (More)
Good Morning, This week I followed up on the action items from my week 11 blog post and followed up on the information I received from National Instruments last week. To summarize last week, I wrote two brand new LabVIEW codes for the Parallel (More)
kwirt004 wrote: K. Wirtes Blog Post #12
This week I have been scrambling to work on the paper for the most part.  I have been pulling together the final bits and pieces while incorporating changes and finalizing the budget analysis.  Hopefully today most of that work will come together. (More)
This week I worked mainly on addressing comments on our group final paper, particularly the Methods section for the Data Acquisition group. I didn't expect it would take so much time to fix the paper. When the paper is submitted next week, our group (More)
This week I was not able to contribute much to my project due to a visit to the emergency room and feeling ill for the past week. I was able to help my subgroup refine the outreach sections of our final paper. This next week I hope to meet with Dr. R (More)
hlint003 wrote: SAE Aero East Blog 11
The earlier portion of this week was spent compiling our final paper draft. I focused mainly on the budget analysis section as well as the methods section. In order to do the budget analysis, I used Microsoft Excel due to the fact that I'm very famil (More)
gfaul002 wrote: Blog Post 11
This week I worked on the budget, calculating the labor and material cost in an excel spreadsheet. I listed all the task the team will need to complete and the hours it will take to complete during the duration of our senior project. Also, I went thr (More)
bhorn001 wrote: Blog #11 - Bryce Horne
Unfortunately this week was short due to thanksgiving so I didn't get as much done with the project as I would like to. I contributed to our final paper, adding information regarding the acoustics to our final paper. Regarding acoustics in the paper, (More)