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mmanw001 wrote: Drone: Blog Post 5
 1) what tasks you have completed since your last blog post Since my last blog post two other group members and myself met to create a 3-D drawing of our glider. The purpose of the drawing is to serve as a reference for how we will eventua (More)
kcree001 wrote: Blog Post 5; Thinsat 8
This past week we have been spending most of our time on the final paper draft. I was in charge of writing the discussion part of the paper as well as creating the Gantt Chart among other small editing tasks. We have realized that our project will b (More)
kcree001 wrote: Blog Post 4; Thinsat 8
This past week I have continued working on the curriculum for our project, the main objective for our project this semester is to get the curriculum ready to present to the kids and have a lesson plan in hopes we can meet up with them. I was in char (More)