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This week I pretty much worked exclusively on the final paper so that it freed everyone up to work on the project. The team made a huge push on the frame and we’re hoping to have the design finalized and approved by the motorsports club in the next (More)
jmart127 wrote: Formula BP #11
During this last week of my senior design meeting I finalized my portion of the final paper draft. We had a short week due to the thanksgiving holiday but I was still able to come up with a sample budget proposal for my particular work package as wel (More)
Good Evening, For this week, I followed up on the action items from my Blog Post # 10 and worked on our final paper draft. To summarize the work we performed last week, my group and I were able to correct our testing procedure for the Parallel (More)
This week I finalized and submitted the group paper. I lost quite a bit of time this week due to 12+ hours of traveling which didn’t leave much time for work on the project but I attempted to make a simple wheel for the tire I made before. I used t (More)
cande002 wrote: Spine Tools Blog 11
This week was short due to Thanksgiving. I was unable to attend our weekly meeting on Monday. However, I was still able to make some progress on the project when I heard back from company I had emailed about some specs on the wireless strain gauge se (More)
rfent003 wrote: Blog Post 10
This week for the project I focused on working on the first draft of the final paper.  I specifically looked at the methods section focusing on the finite element analysis of the rolling chassis. I added a section detailing the FEA on suspension, as (More)
This week, I spent most of my focus on helping finish the first draft of the ThinSat final paper. I combined and condensed the heating teams methods and also helped make the budget that is due on Monday. Secondly, I created the Gantt chart that was t (More)
This week I have primarily been assembling the final paper. I compiled our citations into one Endnote database that way I could easily add the citations into the paper. I then read through all our intros and methods and placed what I could use in the (More)
I spent a lot of time working on various parts of the project. I started compiling all the intro and methods paragraphs, so I can get a draft of the final paper started. Compiling Endnote has been an absolute nightmare. I had originally set up a shar (More)