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ayere001 wrote: Formula SAE blog post 12
This week I spent my time working on the final paper draft for our project. I went through the document and did some proofreading as well as formatting to make sure everything was in order. Everyone picked a section of the paper to work through and c (More)
Now that the fun and festivities are over with, I can recap what I spent this week doing!  The first portion of the week before the classes let out for Thanksgiving, I spent time consolidating the methods and introduction into information that could (More)
jmart127 wrote: Formula BP week #10
During this past week of my senior design class I worked mainly on finalizing my methods portion for the final paper draft. My team and I broke up into sub groups so we could get everything done, so having to bring 8 different method paragraphs into (More)
jsimm003 wrote: Formula SAE Blog Post #9
This week I completed the final draft of my methods and all of our groups intros and methods were compiled in our google drive and are being put together into a rough draft for the final paper. With our whole group now using SolidWorks and having acc (More)