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Apryl Prentiss wrote: ENG 806 AB# 2
Haraway, D. (1988). Situated knowledges: The science question in feminism and the privilege of partial perspective. Feminist Studies, 14(3), 575-599.   Haraway brilliantly argues for a new theory of objectivity by calling out the patriarch (More)
Allen, L. (2015). The power of things! A ‘new’ ontology of sexuality at school. Sexualities, 18(8), 941-958.   Louisa Allen writes this article as an experiment. Her intention is to explore the nature of how sexuality is constructed in (More)
Apryl Prentiss wrote: Polysemous Meaning
Barthes discusses polysemous meaning in relation to the "floating chain of signifieds" present in advertising. He mentions that the linguistic message can help to rectify the polysemous and can ground or direct the reading of the “floating chain o (More)