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Kamili-busara Newsome wrote: #icantkeepquiet Flash Mob in Hampton Roads
Last week, we of #standtogetHER participated in the VA Beach #icantkeepquiet flash mob here in Hampton Roads. The event was an extension of the same brand of feminist activism popularized by the Washington DC Women's March. The event involved co (More)
Kamili-busara Newsome wrote: Anti-AHCA "Die-In"
Last week, those of us participating in the #standtogetHER campaign attended a protest in support of the Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare", and in opposition to Donald Trump's newly created American Health Care Act ("Trumpcare"). Hea (More)
Kamili-busara Newsome wrote: Pro-Immigrant & Refugee Rally
  This rally took place in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and it's objective was to show support for the immigrants and refugees struggling to enter the United States and other countries seeking asylum from human rights atrocities in their home (More)
Kamili-busara Newsome wrote: Scott Taylor Town Hall
  Representative Scott Taylor (R-VA) held a packed town hall meeting at Kempsville High School in Virginia Beach Monday back in February. 10 On Your Side‚Äôs Joe Fisher reports the crowd was at capacity with about 750 people inside. H (More)
Kamili-busara Newsome wrote: #notmypresident Highway Protest
#notmypresident  This was an impromptu grassroots protest that my friends and I organized soon after Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. As a method of resistance against what we view as a threat to democracy, women's rig (More)
Kamili-busara Newsome wrote: #standtogetHER Letter Writing Campaign
Nobody writes letters anymore. snail mail is passe. Wrong. In this blogger's humble opinion, a good, old-fashioned handwritten letter or postcard adds a personal touch to your correspondence. In the case of activism, letter writing can denote dedicat (More)
Kamili-busara Newsome wrote: Volunteering with Planned Parenthood
Some friends and I volunteered with Planned Parenthood on Valentine's Day as part of the #standtogetHER activism campaign. We created Valentine's Day-themed thank-you cards to send to the staff and volunteers at our local Planned Parenthood in VA (More)
Kamili-busara Newsome wrote: What is the #standtogetHER Campaign
It started with a conversation. "Oh you're taking a class about protesting? Nobody here has time for that. We have bills to pay. Maybe out there in DC they can afford to go marching in the streets, but not here." That was the response I receive (More)