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blean001 wrote: Blog Post 5 - Home Brew
Since my last blog post two weeks ago, my group has made progress on finalizing the design of the brewing system. The initial plan was to have a 2-vessel system; one for heating the wort and the other one for cooling it. The newly updated p (More)
jritz002 wrote: AHP - Blog Post 5
The AHP group is doing its best to finish the semester strong. We have continued to meet on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. Since the last blog post, we have predominantly worked on finalizing the various project documents. I have (More)
blean001 wrote: Blog Post 4 - Home Brew
Since my last blog post, the advisors asked us to calculate the theoretical values of sugar concentration and sugar extraction efficiency. When brewing beer, sugar is extracted from malted barley. The more sugar that is extracted, the more alcohol t (More)