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About Premiere Rush Adobe Premiere Rush is a lightweight video editing software that allows users to import videos and photos, insert transitions and add audio tracks. While its feature set is less robust than other video-editing software, it fea (More)
1. Starting Your Project 1.1 Adding Clips and Images In order to start your project, you'll need to select the photos and clips that will make up your video. You can go back and add material later, but this will form the base for your projec (More)
Remediation, Transparency, & Hypermediation, How do creators and users of new media advocate for the cultural shifts that lead to mainstream acceptance of these media? How do consumers of new media negotiate the tension between the desire to (More)
About Cooking Blogs A cooking blog can allow you to share what you know about a cuisine, build community around food, and potentially attract the attention of publishers. It's a way to blend personal and cultural narratives, teach people new cook (More)
Introduction Food and cooking are fundamental social actions and, as such, represent an important subject of communication. From books to magazines to TV shows, one would be challenged to identify a medium that had not been used to communicate ab (More)