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Discuss how you worked toward some or all of the course's learning objectives, indicating what coursework was involved (reading, assigned videos, discussion, class activities, assignments, or other). Close by pointing out how this coursework will bu (More)
What kind of experience do you have with the tools and features of Microsoft Word for formatting text (applying styles, adjusting the spacing between lines, adjusting paragraph spacing, using the ruler for indentation instead of tab, etc.)? (More)
The Problem Heather Weddington, Chief Departmental Advisor for the English department, has contracted my classmates and me to create informational graphic flyers for the advising department. She would like these flyers to increase student retenti (More)
As a means of applying your reading in Eats, Shoots, and Leaves, download and complete the mechanics exercises in this file folder (link). These mechanics exercises are nearly 15 years old and they’re not great examples of document design. What as (More)
1. What experiences, if any, have you had designing and/or developing print or digital documents that integrate words and images (brochures, newsletters, flyers, reports, web sites, etc.)? Please list and describe any projects you have worked on and (More)