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"The Only Me is Me--Are You Sure the Only You is You?": An Exploration of Unfiction Immersion Tʜɪs Is Nᴏᴛ A Gᴀᴍᴇ Episode I – The Beginning Episode II – The Development Episode III – The Shift Episode IV - ███ (More)
As I look at the composition process for my Creative Commons video, I see clear ways in which the rhetorical canons influenced how I approached the project. In terms of Invention, I attempted to keep my audience in mind as I scripted the video, usin (More)
Using the style, ideas, and even words of others and integrating them into new compositions is hardly a novel writing process. Rather, adaptation and influence have always played a key role in the development of new work. While in the contemporary d (More)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oMKZIR3U5A (More)
Before the Internet and World Wide Web, the “starving artist” mentality was the apex for unknown or struggling artists. Finding art dealers, collectors, or museum curators interested in purchasing or showcasing a lesser-known artist’s art was (More)
Proposal As contemporary pedagogy increasingly emphasizes students as media creators and technology enables this work to be published and publicly available online, it is important to give students the tools that they need to consider the economi (More)
     For my technology evaluation I have decided to look at Prezi. Prezi is a website where you can create your own virtual presentation, video presentation or create a digital design such as a poster, flyer, or brochure (More)
lpete003 wrote: Technology & Affordances
This week the readings were mainly centering around affordances and technology. In Norman’s article, he spoke about perceived affordances and the cultural constraints that are learned within and from technology as time passes on in given group (More)