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This one may be a bit of downer to some potential audiences, but I believe with such an important topic and with such dire consequences, it must be taken incredibly seriously. To me, it seems that cyber policy and infrastructure are as a whole subse (More)
The new reality we find ourselves in when it comes to technology and the cyber world has forever changed the way victims and offenders interact. The first important effect it has had, is that it has given an unprecedented level of access to anonymit (More)
Criminal justice does have an extensive overlap and connection to cybercrime. Many crimes that take place in the cyber world are but extensions and offshoots of crimes that take place elsewhere. For instance, scams and extortion can be seen all thro (More)
There are a number of ways engineers make cyber networks safer, some are unique to engineering fields, and some are pretty common across all systems. First, they obviously implement the system itself. There are a vast array of factors affecting what (More)
One way that the advancement of computers has made the world more safe, is through the advancement of communication technology. One can only imagine just how many lives have been saved from something as simple as the prevalence of cellular phones. I (More)
Making a computer "safe" is a lot similar to making sure your system passes and fulfills your goals for a risk assessment and a cost-benefit analysis. What I mean by this, is you truly can never your computer completely 100% safe, in the same way yo (More)
There are many significant costs associated with developing a cybersecurity program within a business. Firstly, there is a monetary cost. As businesses are above all else concerned with profits, this cost is the most crucial when deciding on whether (More)
With cyber technology only becoming more and more prevalent in all workplaces (not just the ones directly related to cybersecurity) it has certainly created a number of opportunities for workplace deviance in most, if not all workplaces. The first t (More)
Cryptography EngineerYouTube Tutorials or Cybersecurity News and JournalismBuild Code that helps secure New innovationsExploit PatcherRun Penetration TestsSecurity ConsultingEthical Hacker for an EnterpriseCybersecurity EducatorU.S. Government Contr (More)
Depending on what country you are currently working in, the cyber landscape, needs, and resources you have at your disposal, will all drastically change. For the most part, Studies have seemingly shown that internet use can easily predict rates of c (More)
There are numerous ethical issues that can arise from the storing of an individuals' data. One that can be ever present is how long one should reasonably store an individuals' data. With this type of thing, enterprises have to balance both legal (More)
First is Engineering. While these four will be in no particular order, this major definitely contributed to cybersecurity an unfathomable amount. Without proper engineering work being done, no proper cybersecurity framework can really be implemented (More)
Questions such as these, I believe, can be answered in two broad ways. The more analytical utilitarian part of you can answer, giving all the logical reasons why it's a rational decision on your part to take up said endeavor. The more passionat (More)