In some ways, economics helps cyber professionals understand cyber attacks from a monetary perspective. In economics, there are a couple of theories that explain how economies work. Also in some ways, social science helps cyber professionals underst (More)
dhale002 wrote: Social Cybersecurity
In the world today, there’s information warfare going on between numerous countries around the globe to promote propaganda, more division, and opposing views against countries that are peaceful. However, with the help of social cybersecurity, this (More)
The Social Media Disorder Scale is a nine-item scale that measures problematic social media use (SMU) among adolescents. After taking the survey, I’ve scored 1/9. Although I am addicted to social media, I don’t stay on it as much because there a (More)
Hollywood movies that are cyber-based often depict hacking as a cool aesthetic; however, the actions of the hackers seem to give the audience a misinterpretation of what hacking or cybersecurity actually is. Of course for the majority of the audienc (More)
When you report a suspicious email and it says congratulations you passed the phishing test from the IT team Human Systems Integration (HSI) is a transdisciplinary sociotechnical and management approach to systems engineering used to ensure t (More)
Reading from every aspect of individual motives, a few of them are trending today. The motives that drive the hackers are Entertainment, Political, Revenge, Boredom, Recognition, Money, and Multiple Reasons. The ones I believe should earn the number (More)
The Hierarchy of Needs is a concept or theory by Maslow that explains that our actions are motivated by certain physiological and psychological needs that progress from basic to complex. This involves five levels of needs which are self-actualizatio (More)
dhale002 wrote: Data Breach Chronology
The Privacy Rights website provides a tool, called the Data Breach Chronology, with different numerical information through graphs and maps. This was designed to help advocates, policymakers, journalists, and researchers understand numerous data bre (More)
Cybersecurity is an applied science itself. However, looking at this science from a social science view, there are a couple that we adhere to relativism, objectivity, parsimony, empiricism, ethical neutrality, and determinism. Relativism connects an (More)
dhale002 wrote: NICE & The Workforce
Choosing to be a pen tester or cryptographer consists of critical thinking to see what is going on within the network or networks. Some areas that may be suitable and that I would want to focus on with these careers are analyzing, investigating, (More)