In some ways, economics helps cyber professionals understand cyber attacks from a monetary perspective. In economics, there are a couple of theories that explain how economies work. Also in some ways, social science helps cyber professionals underst (More)
dhale002 wrote: Social Cybersecurity
In the world today, there’s information warfare going on between numerous countries around the globe to promote propaganda, more division, and opposing views against countries that are peaceful. However, with the help of social cybersecurity, this (More)
The Social Media Disorder Scale is a nine-item scale that measures problematic social media use (SMU) among adolescents. After taking the survey, I’ve scored 1/9. Although I am addicted to social media, I don’t stay on it as much because there a (More)
Hollywood movies that are cyber-based often depict hacking as a cool aesthetic; however, the actions of the hackers seem to give the audience a misinterpretation of what hacking or cybersecurity actually is. Of course for the majority of the audienc (More)